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  I think that some fellow classmates would like to help me finance this class website and if anyone would like to help me, they can donate any amount that they would like to offer through the link posted below. This link will connect you to the secure PayPal server that will accept your donation from your PayPal account and/or a credit/debit card. After your donation is complete you will be immediately emailed a receipt with the date, your name, amount donated and receipt#. I will post the deposit date and name of all donors along with my PayPal deposit ID# or check note below.
 All donations of any amount will certainly be appreciated. Through this class website, we can all better keep in touch and remain aware of all of the current and/or planned activities, news, events, and reunion info etcetera.

NOTE: The web maintenance and updating I enjoy doing at no charge, it’s just the annual overhead expenses that I would like some help with.  Thank You!

To offer a PayPal donation of any amount to
IF you prefer, send check to: Robert Wooten 4137 Winfield Ave Ft. Worth, Tx. 76109-4531

Donors to the class site are listed below:
2/22/07--Terri (Skeeters) Parkes--ID#: 9Y019401WJ8476216
2/24/07--Molly (Nichols) Doskocil--
Receipt ID#: 4660-4430-7866-4963
2/24/07--Daun'e Littlefield--Receipt ID#: 3952-6251-6243-1494
2/24/07--Classmate donations at Esparza's get-together I say THANK YOU!
I have no data declaring who donors were, but you know who you are! $97
2/28/07--Alison (Wilcox) Kirby--
ID#: 0W28006132008360V
3/2/07--Steven Dye--Check#: 102056936
3/7/07--Tommy Williams--ID#: 37A58612AY363712J
3/10/07--Dennis Sanders--Check#: 3979
4/3/07--Randy Lockhart--Check#: 2487
4/6/07--Gary Morton--ID#:
4/19/07--Regina (Colvin) Timko--ID#: 3U567147YG379590B
5/5/07--James (Potato Chip) Morton--Check#: xxxx
5/19/07--Mike Broyles--Cash
5/23/07--Daretia (Tomlin) Cooper--
Receipt ID#: 1778-3265-3620-6169
1/6/08--Lana (Hart) Warren--Transaction ID#:
1/16/08--Mickey Ford--Check#: 6578
1/18/08--Doug Johnson--Check#: 1197
2/27/08--Susan (Ross) Buchanan--Check#: 516x
2/23/08--Randy Lockhart--Check#: xxxx
9/9/08--Frank Atherton--Transaction ID#: 7VH92952LL439450F
12/20/08--Mickey Ford--Check#: 6593
1/17/09--Beverly (Key) Laznovsky--Check#: 5057
2/7/09--Randy Lockhart--Check#: xxxx
4/14/09--Doug Johnson--Check#: xxxx
7/14/09--Reggie Byrd--
Transaction ID#: 17H2083897739811H
11/18/09--Nancy/Ernie Vandergriff--Transaction ID: 9GE31609X2646843G
1/20/10--Mickey Ford--Check#: 1009
2/26/10--Randy Lockhart--Check#: xxxx
Nancy/Ernie Vandergriff--Transaction ID: 23C51965YN107923U
9/29/10--Regina (Colvin) Timko--Transaction ID: 5E7597797A459762V
9/29/10--Silas Reggie Byrd--Transaction ID: 95340003FV6922147
9/30/10--Doug Johnson--Check#: 2303
10/1/10--Mickey Ford--Check#: 1018
11/16/10--Randy Lockhart--Check#: 995171
2/21/11--Randy Lockhart--Check#: xxxx158
6/29/11--James Dewhitt--Transaction ID: 0DJ78498MT144351V
8/4/11--Phil Brown--Transaction ID: 90S36264M3031681E
10/8/11--Silas Reggie Byrd--Transaction ID: 02T20776SW806014V
3/15/12--Randy Lockhart--Check#: 9014
7/28/12--Silas Reggie Byrd--Transaction ID: 9X987128ST9627159
12/16/12--Billy Hamilton--Transaction ID: 12586917SV912504K
3/7/13--Randy Lockhart--Check#: 9044
5/2/13--Barbara A. (Lewis) Ross--Check#: xxxx
5/19/13--Nancy & Ernie Vandergriff-- Transaction ID: 43309815KY891343K
6/7/13--Mickey Ford--Check#: 1062
9/17/13--Silas Reggie Byrd--Transaction ID: 5VW164176F199722D
9/19/13--Randy Lockhart--Check#: 9056
1/26/14-- Randy Lockhart--Check#: 9066
3/21/14--Daniel Sullivan-- Transaction ID: 73K586088P195315D
11/30/14--Silas Reggie Byrd--Transaction ID: 2L226662CW730332M
1/8/15-- Randy Lockhart--Check#: 9081
3/28/16-- Randy Lockhart--Check#: xxxx
6/21/16--Mickey Ford--Check#: xxxx
6/23/16--Robert Guertler--Transaction ID: 29T79924LD9708606
9/1/16--Silas Reggie Byrd--Transaction ID: 1UH350133D4950056
10/14/16--Barbara (Lewis) Ross--Check#: xxxx
5/12/17-- Randy Lockhart--Check#: xxxx
8/15/17--Silas Reggie Byrd--Transaction ID: 3HH60269WN927932E
8/19/17--Mickey Ford--Check#: xxxx
2/8/18--Doug Johnson--Check#: 4910
3/8/18--Ernie/Nancy Vandergriff--Transaction ID: 3WN44663G0926644M
3/8/18--Steve Dye--Transaction ID: 0RE151440L934904J
3/12/18--Randy Lockhart--Check#: 9153
4/5/19--Randy Lockhart--Check#: xxxx