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Rhonda (Lindley) McKenzie
 We live in Granbury TX. We just got married in Las Vegas on March 17,09. We both have 2 children each and 1 grand-daughter. We wanted to share our pics with everyone.

Homecoming GTG Lonnegans 9/19'08

Reposados Mex Grill 9/13/08


Lonnegan's - 12/8/07

Lonnegan's - 9/14/07

Debbie (Stewart) Cline - 11/17/07

Lonnegan's Sports Pub 7/14/07

Submitted by James DeWhitt


Lonnegans Sports Pub 5/5/07


Kent Linduff
Since high school I've been around you might say. I've lived and worked in Europe for Siebe plc
(London, England) as Group Director for ten years and worked for American Airlines in Central
and South America for 4 years. Currently I am CEO EnrollBest and Managing General Partner
Universal Worksite Benefits. I've been married to Linda Pressley 25 years. Most people I have
met that knew me back in the 70’s do not recognize me at all. When I graduated from Bell I
was 5’10” and 160 lbs dripping wet. At 22 I was 6’2” 250lbs and today I have gained 10 lbs
and it all moved south.

Asparza's 2/24/07
Just a few pics taken at get-together. Linda will try to get more at next one. If anyone has
more pics please send them in.

Cheryle's hubby.

     L-R: Keith,
Daun'e Littlefield.

Mark Aaron.


Patti (Campbell),


Scuba Joe's Homecoming 9/06

Dick Wood
I'm still hanging around being a Sheriff's Deputy in Wise County. I live in Springtown Tx with
my wife Dianne who I've married to for 6 years. In my spare time I like to rent small planes
and fly around with my wife who also enjoys flying. Anyone that may remember me knows
I was into music with guys like Jerry Songer and Buddy Whittington. I have been playing
steel guitar professionally in various popular country bands around D/FW since
graduating from Bell. 

"Cops don't make much, so I STEEL for a living!"


Steve Dye Family
I have been so blessed with an extraordinary wife, two great sons, and some wonderful
grandchildren. After spending almost a decade working for various multinationals in Latin
America I am back in Kerrville Texas (I moved there the beginning of my senior year, but
thats another story) and loving it. I had a super time at our 30 year reunion and I hope we
can keep that "feeling" alive for a long time.

2006 Homecoming Parade Class of '74 Entry

Pictures submitted by: Virginia (Fenton) Hays