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Class Memorial
" They Live In Our Memories"

Walter "Rebel" Adams-6/21/'96
R. Donald Allen-car accident-11/8/'74
Marsha (Amyett) Fry-breast cancer-7/24/'09
Carol Armstrong-cancer-1/14/'03
Douglas Barwegen-4/15/'17
Christopher Bell-4/3/'05
Lofton Bell-8/19/'01
Brenda Benson-cancer-12/8/'06
Carla Jo (Bickers) Brown-10/15/'13
Wanda Brown-'73
Beverly Bruno-complications from surgery-10/5/'07
Danny Burson-truck accident-4/29/'18
Butch Cabaniss-motorcycle accident-9/'79
Cyndi Cahall-car accident-'96
Kenneth G. Cantrell-car accident-11/8/'74
Cathleen "Cathy" Conley-8/21/'07
Kim Corbin-'74
Debbie Cowan
Terry Ann (Cox) Helms-cancer-12/7/'10
Floyd "Eddie" Cross-lung cancer-8/7/'16
Mark Danford-12/8/'15
Donald Duffek-heart attack-'01
Jeannie Duncan-meningitis-3/4/'11
Janet Eklund-'96
Lawrence "Larry" Elliott-car accident-7/15/'10
Jane (Fay) Higgins-cancer-12/18/'14
Robin Floyd-11/15/'14
Wesley "Weasel" Forshaw-car accident-'96
Debbie George-'04
Paula Giebel-10/2/'93
Ann (Green) Marshall-cancer-9/29/'00
Rhonda Griffin-'05
Steve P. Hardy
Terry Hopson
Karen (Howard) Barger-cancer-8/21/'16
Ricky Johnston-motorcycle accident-6/5/'99
Kathy Lynn (Keim) Lockhart-aneurysm-4/25/'09
Teresa (Killingsworth) Chambers-8/18/'17
Kathie (Kirkland) Palmer-12/10/'18
Kimberley (Kuehne) Dunn-cancer-7/21/12
Kathy (Lakey) Graham-cancer
William "Bernie" Lopez-1/19/'13
Mickey Martin-11/4/'10
Carol (Wild) McIntire-'02
Harry McLaren-heart attack-'02 or '03
Leonard "Ray" McTee-1/18/'18
Jan Mikel
Sara Ann Mikulas-1/28/'01
Tim Morrison-'86
John J Muzny-cancer-8/1/'17
Greg Myers
Randy Nash-5/31/'18
Mike Nolan
Leann Odom-'01
Toni Outcalt
Mary "Debbie" (Palmer) Franks-5/25/'15
David Pempsell-motorcycle accident-'74
Priscilla Perkins-complications from surgery
Ronnie Porter-1/13/'17
Mike Rains-7/5/'15
Jerry Rutledge-cancer-2/23/'08
David "Cotton" Smith
Dr. John Smith
Wynette (Smith) Dixon-massive stroke-8/27/'11
Karen (Sowell) Dickson-8/20/'18
Timothy "Tim" Carl Sullivan-cancer-10/4/'10
Debbie Taylor-cancer-10/31/'13
Robin Van Voorhis-2/8/'90
Michael "Mike" Warren-8/1/'05
Tom Willett-cancer-5/26/'99
Thomas (Scott) Williamson-5/4/'07
Gary Winsett-cancer-6/11/'09
Clint Womack-car accident-'79
Karen (Wooley) White-5/'18
Gregory Wooten-9/15/'04
Pam (Yarbrough) Agnew-cancer-3/2/'11

In Memory of Coach Emil Milan

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In Memory of Bruce Samuels

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